Dear participants, partners, advertisers, public and friends of Ollon Villars,
The committee made the decision to postpone our organization again to next year, i.e. August 20 & 21, 2022.

This decision was made in order that we are able to offer an event which will be as enjoyable, safe and a true reflection of the spirit of the original events. Given the uncertainties of the current Covid situation this has severely curtailed the travel of many of our friends from outside Switzerland. Furthermore we would be unable to offer safety for spectator over such a long and difficult course.

Our organising team would much prefer to offer an event which would function in the spirit of the past seven editions of the Ollon Villars Historic Hillclimb.


Message to participants:

Unless you let us know to the contrary your request for an entry will remain registered.  Confirmations of entry will be sent out between the end of May or the middle of June 2022.

Applications for entry are still being accepted so if not registered pleased do so as quickly as possible as we already have over 250 requests for only 300 places.

Message to advertisers and event sponsors.

We hope you wish to continue to with your advertisement as previously placed.  If you wish to amend your placemat or program material please let us know.  Your existing material will be used unless you let us know otherwise.

Questions and any other enquiries.

Please address and questions you may have about our event to the persons listed below:

General informations FR, ALL, EN
+41 (0)79 310 91 30

General informations FR
+41 (0)79 231 76 75

Press & Media informations
+41 (0)79 658 37 91

Take care of yourself, your family and loved ones, thank you for your support and look forward to meeting you in August 2022.

Best wishes from the Ollon Villars Retrospective Hill Climb committee.